Signed An Agreement Under Pressure

But first, it`s important to understand what it means to be “forced” to sign a contract under the law. If you haven`t read the contract in depth or if you later found that you didn`t fully understand its terms, it`s up to you to do so. If someone gave you a tough sale and strongly encouraged you to sign, but the elements of a valid contract are all present, this probably wouldn`t be considered “inappropriate pressure.” If a party feels that it is the “innocent party” and is under illegitimate pressure to accept new conditions, it would be advisable to do so: yet, people sometimes sign contracts under duress or for undue intrusion or coercion. These are all legal terms that refer to dubious tactics and they can invalidate a contract. Let`s use the same example as above, unless Jill threatened Wendy with physical violence to get a financial inheritance. As Wendy was forced to make the decision under penalty of physical violence, it would be coercion or coercion. If you think you are a party to a contract you signed under duress, it is important that you have a lawyer to help you. It is not always easy to prove that there is coercion, so you need legal representation to invalidate the contract and avoid being held responsible for the breach of contract. In some cases, the economic constraint can be used to terminate a contract. .