Sears Master Protection Agreement Service Phone Number

We couldn`t find what we wanted, so we went to the Escondido store in North County Fair. We had made Terry wait (sales control # **). WHAT GREAT SERVICE!!!! Talk about avoiding. Holy cow. My compliments to your company. That`s why we go to the North County Fair Store. Keep it open, please. Tom**, Valley Center, CA My husband called the manager of the appliance care subcontractor and finally spoke with the manager after several attempts. He sent #3 tech who didn`t fix anything and said he wasn`t authorized to determine if the dishwasher needed to be replaced.

This company is the only one in my metropolitan area that repairs devices. My after-sales service calls weren`t going anywhere, I was told three times that they were going to make the problem worse and that I was going to get a call. It never happened. The manager of our local Sears device store tried to call and didn`t go anywhere, he was on hold twice for two hours. He admitted that he had also received complaints from other customers about the subcontractor. I bought a microwave from Sears Online in April 2020. According to the installer, the device was only available in August 2020. The first microwave was installed on August 11 and stopped working before August 24.

I have an email that tells me I would have a replacement. I`ve spoken to at least 10 people, including the installer, in recent weeks. I am transferred to departments that tell me that they do not take care of it. Apparently, while the delivery had to be arranged, this department called the wrong number for many days in a row and the case was closed because 30 days had been exceeded. .