Bare Landscapes Mentions

The Bare Landscapes images are getting more and more recognition. Here are few links to couple blog posts where the images are featured.




Featured image on Vogue Italia.

This image was chosen as the picture of the day. is very worth exploring for good, interesting and artsy photography.





SYALogoShutYourAperature is a really nice fine art blog. If you did not know about before, you do now 🙂



fineartphotographers copyFine Art Photographers blog.

It has a segment called “From their view” which features articles about fine art projects from various photographers.  Follow the link below to see the reature.




I don’t know the language for this one but it is nice to get the feature.



Lifeforms on Featured Artists.

LifeFormsMy experimental Life Form pictures got published on blog called “Featured Artists” Although not Bare Landscapes nude I still can boast a little bit…

These images are in progress but soon to be available online.









Gallery opening TV-interview for Iceland Today. 


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