Agreement Important Clauses

-Annexes and annex letters: the annexes that are part of the contract contain the additional clauses that have been written or help to understand what is stipulated in the commercial sales contract. Often, the parties agree on an escalation procedure that will set out clear steps and procedures before the case is referred to court. In principle, it is for the contracting parties to “assist the Tribunal in promoting the overall objective” (Code of Civil Procedure – Part 1 BAUPVO 1.3). This overall objective is to ensure that all cases are treated fairly and to “encourage the parties to cooperate in the implementation of the procedures” (CPR 1.4). In view of these obligations, it is important that pre-judicial conduct also conforms to these principles, which in short promotes communication and cooperation between the parties. For example, if an additional bonus or offer has been made to entice you to enter into the contract, non-payment of such bonuses or offers in the contract may mean that these offers are not legally enforceable. In addition, the overly broad application of a merger clause may eliminate an agreement previously concluded by the parties and should be pursued. Note the following terminology that you will encounter in an agreement: In addition, neither party can be held responsible for delays in the performance or failure of any part of the contract with respect to events that involve floods, wars, or other emergency circumstances. The parties concerned must inform the other parties in writing within ten days of the beginning of these causes that would affect their commitment or performance. .