giclee_prints. Pigmented ink on Fiber paper.  Gallery quality printing


All prints are made using Exhibition Fiber Photographic paper and Ultrachrome inks. Exhibition Fiber Paper is designed exclusively for use with Epson's UltraChrome K3 inks. The result is even better than the look and feel of an Silver Halide Print due to extraordinary D-Max and tonal transition in B&W and the ability to print extraordinary color. This is, in our opinion, one of the best looking print process possible. and we make our own custom color profiles to fit our large format printers. The images are air-dried and ready to be put in a frame, with or without a glass. If using glass we recommend framing the image using UV coated museum non-glare glass both for protection and the best possible viewing of the image.


Over mats are cut out of 8 ply archival museum board


Over mats are cut out of 8 ply archival museum board and mounted using all archival materials, ensuring longevity of the images. The Mat is hinged with the backboard. Each image is carefully wrapped and shipped in a custom wooden crate for storage and protection.
  • 5x7 Image is printed on 8x10 Paper and mounted on 11x14 Mat board.
  • 8x10 Print is printed on 11x14 Paper and mounted on 16x20 Mat board.
  • 11x14 Print is printed on 16x20 Paper and mounted on 20x24 Mat board.
  • 16x20 Print is printed on 24x30 Paper and mounted on 24x30 Mat board.


Bare Landscapes Certificate Of Authenticity




Signature Series Prints come with a certificate of authenticity (COA). This insures the origin and quality of the print.  On the certificate is the title of the print, the artist signature and edition number, if applicable.  It is usually placed on the back of the print or mat.




Signature Series Print with certificate


Signature Series Images are printed on a one larger standard paper size.  That gallery style printing ensures optimal viewing experience. The print can be enjoyed as is, matted and or in a frame. Mats are cut from a archival 8 ply stock. That is, in our opinion, the best way to display and enjoy the print.  
Signature Series prints are signed by the artist and comes with signed certificate to insure and authenticate quality and origin of the print.

-5x7 Image is printed on 8x10 Paper and mounted on 11x14 Mat board.

-8x10 Image is printed on 11x14 Paper and mounted on 16x20 Mat.

-11x14 Image is printed on 16x20 Paper and mounted on 20x24 Mat.

-16x20 Image is printed on 24x30 Paper and mounted on 24x30 Mat.

-20x30 and larger - Contact us.

Standard Print Images are printed with about 1/4" border. The print can be enjoyed as is, it can be matted and/or put in a frame. Standard prints are printed on the same quality paper and is upheld to the same quality standards as the Signature Series.



Bare Landscapes Fine Art Prints

Bare Landscapes is a collection of Fine Art Photography. It is a photographic expedition across the topography of Iceland. The journey is mesmerizing as a visual exploration of natural bodies, that of the land and the female form. They are exposed raw, unadorned and blooming. Whether resolved against volcanic rock, sequestered in craters of ice or simmering in hot springs, these images have been chiseled out of time, beautiful and natural. The Bare Landscapes project has spanned more than a decade, and will continue on as more images are created.
The book consists of over 100 images and are accompanied by beautiful original Icelandic poetry by Anna S. Björnsdóttir.
We have now expanded our Fine Art Collection to include Landscape Prints and Flower Prints. Emphasis is still on unique Fine Art Images both from Iceland and around the world.


Photographer Sigthor Markusson

Sigthor Markusson is a native of Reykjavík Iceland. For the past two decades, he has lived and worked as a commercial photographer in Los Angeles, California. Traveling back to Iceland each year he began to experience the country as a visitor might, taking in its raw beauty, and seeing the land like never before. It was upon one of those visits that the Bare Landscapes project began, when he started photographing, and appreciating what he had taken for granted for so long.
Anna S. Bjornsdottir is a native of Reykjavík, Iceland. She attended the Seminarium of Iceland and in 1969 began a lifelong career as a teacher, a free-lance journalist, and a poet. Anna published her first book of poetry ,"Örugglega ég", (Definitely me) in 1988, followed by 13 more books. She has been a member of the Writers Union of Iceland since 1991.