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Bare Landscapes is a collection of Fine Art Photography. Most of the images are from Iceland and other unique locations.  Iceland offers such a unique variety of lava rocks, waterfalls and glaciers where the female nudes are exposed raw, unadorned and blooming. Against volcanic rock, sequestered in craters of ice or simmering in hot springs, these images have been chiseled out of time, beautiful and natural. The prints are made by the Artists and signed.  Choose between a Signature Series Fine Art Print or Standard Print. Our collection concentrates on the unique vision of the Artists with rare and uncommon perspective.

We offer Fine Art prints in 3 categories, Bare Landscapes nudes, Landscapes series and Flowers and More.

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Bare Landscapes Gallery show

Again we are proud to be invited to the NudeArtLA exhibition. Last time it was a wonderful event with thousands of people visiting. It is a great opportunity to see wonderful art and view and purchase prints and other art media.  NudeArtLA  is more than just an art show; it’s an experience, exploring the artistic expression of the nude human form, with curated collection of world-class, traditional fine art (photographs, paintings, sculptures, etc.), with interactive exhibits and jaw-dropping live performances that include body painting, burlesque, live figure sketching, nude yoga, pole dancing, and so much more. And, new for Spring, 2019: a “naked fashion show” with some of the most amazing and revealing examples of wearable art and fashion you have ever seen. Show dates are March 29th and March 30th.

Bare Landscapes offers special show offers on prints - Looking forward seeing you - Get your tickets here>


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The beautiful female nudes are photographed in the unique landscape of Iceland. It is a photographic expedition of two natural bodies, that of the land and the female form.

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The Landscape images are from various locations, many from Iceland, but all share the unique vision and style of the artists, whether it is a waterfall in Iceland or arid tree in the desert of California. 

Flowers and more gallery

The Flower collection shows the beauty and the details of flowers, seed pods and more.  Beautifully lit and would be a spectacular art print anywhere.

Matted images, frame ready

Matted images and frame ready

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